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  • Fascination - Relaxation Music

    Genre: Music for guitar.

    Artists: Nathalie Lachance / Luc Lévesque

    Length: 57 minutes

    Catalogue#: MQG01CD

  • Fascination

    Engaging guitar music that encourages relaxation and plenitude.

    Original and classical compositions performed by Nathalie Lachance and Luc Lévesque.

    Tempos were intelligently modified to procure relaxation and well-being.

    Recorded with acoustic instruments for a warm and natural sound.


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  • More Information

    Nathalie lachance and Luc Lévesques are available for live performances.

    Like good wine, their romantic repertoire will enlighten your business reunions, cocktails, parties, weddings, etc.

    Le duo Lachance-Lévesque
    Tel.: (514)719-1959

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  • Summary

    Fascination is engaging guitar music that encourages relaxation and plenitude.

    Original and classical compositions.

  • Track List

    1.Arioso extrait de la Cantate 156 (Bach) download free mp3
    2.Andante du Concerto en Sol pour deux mandolines (Vivaldi)
    3.Variations (N.L.)
    4.5.Les deux mouvements éoliens (L.L.)
    I. Prélude
    II. Rondeau download free mp3
    6.Gnossienne no 1 (Satie)
    7.Nocturne (N.L.)
    8.Liaison (N.L.) download free mp3
    9.Valse un deux et toi (L.L.)
    10.Romance (N.L.)
    11.Gnossienne no 3 (Satie)
    12.Réminiscence (L.L.)
    13.Résonnance (L.L.)
    14.Berceuse (N.L.)

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