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  • Quantic on I-Tunes

    Search for Alain Lemay/Micheline Allaire to find our music.

    Titles from Healing Energy 1 and 2, Symphony of the Soul, New World and Vibracos are available plus some french titles.

    It's a great way to encourage us and to start carrying your favorites everywhere.

  • Thank you to our fans

    We are proud to announce the results due to the great worldwide fan support we have received since 1991.

    We reached the top sale of 90 000 units sold. These results encourage us to continue to make music that helps your physical and spiritual growth. Quantic is now working with new talented musicians that promise more good music to come.


  • Quantic Overture

    Infinite Energy
    Drifting from paradise
    Greet me gently
    And share your love
    Transcend my body
    With your joyous song


    complete poem



more testimonials

  • Symphony of the Soul

    “Thank you for your music; it’s the best medicine to control my anxieties.”
    Rollande Laporte
    Verdun, Quebec, Canada

  • New World

    “I do not know what your secret is, but it works! I can feel the energies; my body speaks to me, thank you!”
    Linda Paul

  • Nuances

    “Alain, your music is relaxing, it is refreshing; it replenishes me like a drink from a water source before climbing a mountain.”
    Solange guillemette

  • Vibracos

    “This music relaxes the entire body, it makes each cell breathe, it allows the circulation of energy, even to the blood, the respiratory and the nervous systems.”
    Monique Lapalme

  • Dimension 6

    “It’s as if the body returned to a perfect dimension where it feels better than anywhere else.”
    Sophie Chartrand

  • Harmonia

    “It was as if all the musical airs were familiar to me. It’s as if the music was a part of me.”


  • Music for your Health

    Micheline and Alain present a unique collection of new age music that allows the listeners to journey to the center of their beings in a calm and serene environment.

    Our fan’s feedback has referred to these recordings as being deep, powerful and capable of transforming one's mind, body and soul.

    Listening to this music aids in maintaining emotional equilibrium and finding inner peace. It is ideal for massage therapy and cures insomnia. At home, at work or traveling, these CDs are a perfect backdrop to your day.


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  • Quantic Music’s Creative Process

    The Quantic New Age Music Series is specifically designed for healing, relaxation, meditation as well as for use in combination with other therapies.

    Through meditation and in communion with their spirits, the artists Micheline Allaire and Alain Lemay have created an ideal, therapeutic new age sound.

    Quantic Music relieves stress, opens the chakras, rejuvenates and helps you discover your creativity and spirituality.


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  • Healing Energy 1 and 2: How to Proceed while listening

    First of all, allowing a state of relaxation is essential.

    A balanced central nervous system can more easily resonate and harmonize with energy currents.

    As you are listening to the music, try to mentally visualize the energy coming within you.

    This energy will provide a sense of well-being.


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