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Quantic Overture

  • Renaissance
    Infinite Energy
    Drifting from paradise
    Greet me gently
    And share your love
    Transcend my body
    With your joyous song

    Listen, my child
    Through your heart I speak
    I bring you the joy
    Of knowing Me
    Divinity shall be born
    Of our union

  • Conscience
    You've humbled me
    And this love I feel
    Will now go forth
    Spreading throughout the world
    Touching my brothers
    Across the universe

    From rock to moon
    Passing by the sun
    From sea to dunes
    Penetrating the earth
    I stand in wonder
    Before such beauty

  • Communion
    I feel You in my heart
    I know You in my head
    With these eyes I see you
    With my ears, You're near
    Throughout this system
    You come to my senses

    New Man
    I arose this morning
    To a caress of the Spirit
    Filling my senses
    With but one solitary cry
    I arose this morning
    To a law of Infinite Love

    Sing, sing, oh symphony of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit!


    Poem by Micheline Allaire

    From the Symphony of the Soul album.