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Music for your Health

  • Micheline and Alain present a unique collection of new age music that allows the listeners to journey to the center of their beings in a calm and serene environment.

    Our fan’s feedback has referred to these recordings as being deep, powerful and capable of transforming one's mind, body and soul.

    Listening to Quantic music aids in maintaining emotional equilibrium and finding inner peace. It is ideal for massage therapy and cures insomnia. At home, at work or traveling, these CDs are a perfect backdrop to your day.

  • We are paying more and more attention to our health : what we eat, how we exercise, etc. However, we often forget that we are fed by subtle energy currents emanating from the cosmos.

    Thus, we must learn to resonate with these energies in order to integrate them within ourselves.

    This energy stimulates the vital energy within all of us and contributes to the harmonious development of the human being. This music speaks directly to the vibrations of the soul.

  • Relaxation is essential in order to lead a balanced life on all levels i.e. physical, intellectual, psychic or spiritual.

    Relaxation does not mean sleep. One can sleep in a tense state and easily wake up tired. True relaxation enables body and soul to find a serene state which protects one from inharmonious influences.

    To develop the power of relaxation, listen to Quantic music daily while mentally repeating the following affirmation: I am calm. The result should be more than convincing.


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