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Healing Energy 1 and 2

  • How to Proceed while listening

    First of all, allowing a state of relaxation is essential.

    A balanced central nervous system can more easily resonate and harmonize with energy currents.

    As you are listening to the music, try to mentally visualize the energy coming within you.

    This energy will provide a sense of well-being.

    The 12 musical variations of Healing Energy1 and Healing Energy 2 correspond to the twelve energy currents.

  • Each 6 minute variation is followed by a short silence. It is not necessary to always start with the first variation.

    Follow the chart included with the CD and visualise the energy corresponding to the music entering through your body (at the specified point of entry).

    Think about the energy's qualities, the fundamental principle it represents and finally, visualize the mentioned nourished organ. The exercises will facilitate a deep state of relaxation and a positive

  • transformation towards realizing your full potential.

    The fundamental principles presented herein are universal laws that apply to all mankind. These laws are instinctive in the soul, and thus, we lean towards observing them.

    Corresponding to the twelve energy currents, which are represented by the CD covers colours, each of these laws represents the Cosmic energy that exists to help us go forth plentifully towards our evolution.


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