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Quantic Music’s Creative Process

  • The Quantic New Age Music Series is specifically designed for healing, relaxation, meditation as well as for use in combination with other therapies.

    Through meditation and in communion with their spirits, the artists Micheline Allaire and Alain Lemay have created an ideal, therapeutic new age sound.

  • Quantic Music relieves stress, opens the chakras, rejuvenates and helps you discover your creativity and spirituality.

    We all know that thoughts operate on man’s cells, on his subconscious, and on his entire nervous system.

    If an organ in the human body becomes sick following negative actions or thoughts, it will defend

  • itself so as not to be destroyed. Our music is consciously composed to acts as a carrier wave, amplifying the positive effects of thoughts.

    Guided by our souls, we were introduced, through vision, to the core of each element in order to hear their sounds and colors, and then to reproduce them musically.


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