The Quantic Meditation Music Series

  • Celestial Vibration

    Harmonia - Meditation Music

    Celestial opens the heart chakra.

    Feel love flow into your life.

  • Nuances

    Nuances - Meditation Music

    Nuances is pure and unpretentious music as charming to the ear as to the heart.

  • Nuances

    “I bought Nuances for my daughter who had difficulty sleeping.

    To my astonishment, on the very same day, she invited me to see her latest ballet creation, inspired by your song, Terre Nouvelle.

    On the following day she invited her friends to work on body expressions with music from Nuances.

    Thank you!”

    Lise Carrier
    île Bizzard

Jouvence Collection

  • Jouvence Pianissimo

    Jouvence Pianissimo Meditation Music

    Jouvence Pianissimo: nurture your youth, vitality and your inner beauty!

    Discover theses piano compositions by Alain Lemay created to awaken the senses.

  • Meditation Series

    The Quantic Music Meditation Series is expressly created to enhance the benefits of your meditation sessions, as well as all your self-healing sessions, visualisations, reïki, massages and spa treatments.

    Health professionals greatly benefit from the use of this music during their treatments.

    It is simple, non-intrusive, meditative and exalting.

    The created uplifting atmospheres increase positivity and help opening-up on all levels.

  • Testimonials


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    • Harmonia

      “It was as if all the musical airs were familiar to me. It’s as if the music was a part of me.”