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  • Harmonia - Meditation Music

    Genre: Music for piano and cello.

    Artists: Alain Lemay

    Length: 60 minutes

    Catalogue#: HAR2003

  • Harmonia

    I dream of a world without prejudice, a world where our purest intentions will be focused on those around us.

    The present moment is but a brief instant running through our veins – it’s up to each of us seize it.

    HARMONIA is the soft loving caress that lives inside us, created so that the heart may always lead the way…

    Text by Alain Lemay

  • More Information

    Harmonia helps your mind body and soul breathe and feel all the love and joy that surround us.

    Take a long nature walk while listening to the soft and reassuring melodies.

    Feel your body come alive again while your having a massage and this intimate music caresses you.

    Harmonia is also an excellent background music either at home or at the office.


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  • Summary

    Harmonia opens the heart chakra. Feel love flow into your life.

  • Track List

    1. Communion
    2. L’ombre et la lumière download free mp3
    3. Entre ciel et terre download free mp3
    4. Infinity download free mp3
    5. Éternité
    6. Cœur d’enfant download free mp3
    7. For a small planet download free mp3
    8. L’aurore download free mp3
    9. Harmonia
    10. Serenity
    11. Time to change

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    • Harmonia

      “It was as if all the musical airs were familiar to me. It’s as if the music was a part of me.”