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  • Genre: Music for crystal intruments.

    Artists: Alain Lemay

    Length: 60 minutes

    Full Review by Nicole Suzanne Brown

    "...The Celestial Vibration CD – Christ Returns is by far the best meditation/relaxation – awakening CD that I have heard. It is now pride of place in my meditation cd player and will be, I know, for years to come..."Full review on the spiritual wisdom magazine

    Celestial Vibration


    Celestial vibration was created with crystal sounds (vessels, singing glass).

    This soft music brings the listener into a deep interior harmony. This with its enchanting and intimate moods, invites to meditate, relax and take care of ourselves. Listening to this music enhances vitality.

    Alain Lemay is an internationally recognized health music composer since 1990.

  • This music is also excellent to create a spiritual zen ambiance at home or at the office, or to simply listen and enjoy while spending time with our loved ones.


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  • Summary

    Celestial Vibration: Very deep meditation music.

    Discover theses crystal music compositions created to awaken the senses.

  • Track List

    1. Celestial (15:26)
    2. Caelestis (5:00)
    3. Taevalik (12:55)
    4. Heavenly (14:47)
    5. Céleste (12:06)

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