The Quantic Healing Music Series

  • Dimension 6

    Dimension 6 - Healing Music

    Dimension 6 was written based on the knowledge derived from Adéla T.Sergerie's Vibracos Elements chart.

    The music helps channeling corrective and tissue regenerating energy vibrations.

  • Vibracos

    Vibracos Healing Music

    Vibracos: The body living in harmony according to its own deep and fundamental nature.

    Vibracos stimulates and harmonizes: the blood, the kidneys, the veins, the bladder, the lungs and lymph.

  • Healing Energy 1

    Healing Energy 1 - Healing Music

    Healing Energy is music composed for self-healing, visualization, and deep relaxation.

    Ideal for stress relief, insomnia or any energy deficiency.

  • Healing Energy 2

    Healing Energy 2 - Healing Music

    Healing Energy 2 is music composed for self-healing, visualization, and deep relaxation.

    This soft and peaceful music gently eases the listener into a state of relaxation and inner harmony.

  • Symphony of the Soul

    Symphony of the Soul - Healing Music

    Symphony of the Soul acts on the emotional being, by freeing supressed emotions (worries, doubts, fears...).

    This music helps remove internal blocks which originate both from recent traumas and from those of childhood.

  • New World

    New World - Healing Music

    New World is excellent music for grounding, getting back in touch with the Earth, overcoming fatigue and increasing vitality.

    Its effects are felt in the solar plexus, legs and back.

  • Harmonia

    Harmonia - Meditation Music

    Harmonia opens the heart chakra.

    Feel love flow into your life.

  • Nuances

    Nuances - Meditation Music

    Nuances is pure and unpretentious music as charming to the ear as to the heart.

  • Nuances

    “I bought Nuances for my daughter who had difficulty sleeping.

    To my astonishment, on the very same day, she invited me to see her latest ballet creation, inspired by your song, Terre Nouvelle.

    On the following day she invited her friends to work on body expressions with music from Nuances.

    Thank you!”

    Lise Carrier
    île Bizzard

  • Healing Series

    Use your inner healing powers* with the Quantic Music Healing Series.

    These titles were created by Micheline Allaire and Alain Lemay using a unique creative process and by applying precise spiritual knowledge with one purpose in mind: kindle our natural healing potential.

    Suggested exercises accompany the CDs to help targeting specific body functions or to channel particular healing energies.

    This music can also be used to enhance the benefits of your self-healing sessions or any health treatment.

    Quantic health music is also excellent for meditation, relaxation, yoga, reading, spa treatments and stress management.

    Use it to create powerful sacred spaces or peaceful and spiritual atmospheres at home or at work.


    *Please note that listening to healing music does not replace your recommended medical treatment.

  • Testimonials


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    • Vibracos

      “This music relaxes the entire body, it makes each cell breathe, it allows the circulation of energy, even to the blood, the respiratory and the nervous systems.”
      Monique Lapalme

    • Dimension 6

      “The body is awake, but relaxed as it is in harmony from within.”
      Nancy Green