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  • Vibracos - Healing Music

    Genre: Instrumental music with an exaltant and meditative ambience.

    Artists: Allaire / Lemay

    Length: 49 minutes

    Catalogue#: TS-26

  • The body's deep and subtle nature

    Several scientific studies, using technology to see the auras, have shown that we can see illness develop in the subtle levels of our beings before it materializes in our body.

    Vibracos enhances our natural inner state of harmony and supports visualisation and channelling of energies necessary to healthy body functions.

    The organs can then be fed with the proper vibration, energies and sounds necessary for healing.

  • More Information

    For complete therapy: relax; the right palm on the solar plexus and open the left hand, ready to receive.

    While concentrating on a chosen element (e.g. the lungs) , allow the energy of the music to carry life into yourself.

    Be aware of your body who will try to communicate. Listen to your emerging intuitions about what you have to change in your habits: attitude, diet, exercise...

    *This exercise does not replace medical treatment.


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  • Summary

    Vibracos: The body living in harmony according to its own deep and fundamental nature.

    Vibracos stimulates and harmonizes: the blood, the kidneys, the veins, the bladder, the lungs and lymph.

  • Track List

    1. Vibracos 1 (Blood)
    2. Vibracos 2 (The Kidneys)
    3. Vibracos (The veins)
    4. Vibracos (The Bladder) download free mp3
    5. Vibracos (The Lungs) download free mp3
    6. Vibracos (Lymph)

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    • Vibracos

      “Vibracos gives me vital energy. The lymph music had a special effect on me; I sensed the immense joy to be alive fill my thorax.”
      Michèle Lafrance