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  • Symphony of the Soul - Healing Music

    Genre: Electronic and instrumental textures.

    Artists: Allaire / Lemay

    Length: 50 minutes

    Catalogue#: QMP1432CD

  • The Inner Divine Child

    Proof has shown that suppressed emotions are the cause of many physical and psychological ills.

    The beneficial effects of the pieces ease the opening of the heart chakra.

    An unfettered heart allows one to welcome the Higher Energy of the Spirit, to rediscover the Divine Child-self and to transform oneself.

    Read aloud the Quantic Overture poem while listening to the music and pay special attention to your heart.


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  • More Information

    While listening to the Quantic overture, let yourself enter a state of relaxation.

    Breathe in deeply while visualizing the red energy.

    Hold your breath a few seconds while visualizing yellow energy and breathe out to the sight of blue.

    Quantic Overture

    Infinite Energy
    Drifting from paradise
    Greet me gently
    And share your love
    Transcend my body
    With your joyous song


    complete poem

  • The Spiritual Neuron

    This neuron is the door and opening by which spiritual energy (blue) penetrates our bodies. Developing this neuron opens up the wonders of the Universe.

    To activate, place one finger on the spiritual neuron in the bottom middle of the forehead. Turn your finger left to right 36 times, then right to left 36 times, all while counting the numbers aloud.

    Once activated, the spiritual neuron gives us vision. Pressing it with our finger eases inspiration; pressing it and then lifting welcomes auditory connections. Try this exercise before sleeping.

  • Fundamental Universal Principles

    Repeat each following affirmation three times daily:

    1. I am as simple as a child
    2. I am happy to be alive
    3. I am forgiving
    4. I am understanding
    5. My intentions are pure
    6. I am 100% positive
    7. I give of myself and my possessions
    8. I am free of prejudice
    9. I understand and observe natural laws
    10. I have a fair sense of justice
    11. I distinguish the level of evolution in others
    12. I understand the opposite sex

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  • Summary

    Symphony of the Soul acts on the emotional being, by freeing supressed emotions (worries, doubts, fears etc.).

    This music helps remove internal blocks which originate both from recent traumas and from those of childhood.

  • Track List

    1. Quantic Overture
    2. Renaissance
    3. Absoluteness
    4. Conscience download free mp3
    5. Communication
    6. Communion download free mp3
    7. New Man

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    • Symphony of the Soul

      “Thank you for your music; it’s the best medicine to control my anxieties.”
      Rollande Laporte
      Verdun, Quebec, Canada