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  • Nuances - Healing Music

    Genre: Music for piano.

    Artists: Alain Lemay

    Length: 74 minutes

    Catalogue#: N-114CD

  • Nuances

    Nuances is an album of simple and leisurely piano pieces.

    Alain Lemay's 13 original compositions are presented in an intimate, classically inspired musical context, featuring charming melodies for both ear and heart alike.

    Nuances reaches out to the listener with pure joyfulness and loving caresses to create a deep sense of harmony and relaxation.

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    Nuances carries a soft and powerful joy to all your cells.

    It brings you peace so you can feel again your inner source of energy.

    This music is a perfect support for meditation, massage and any spa treatment.

    Nuances is also an excellent background music either at home or at the office.


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  • Summary

    Nuances is pure and unpretentious music as charming to the ear as to the heart.

    Original and classicalLy inspired melodies for piano, conceived in the health music spirit.

  • Track List

    1. Terre Nouvelle
    2. Marie-Micheline
    3. Mutation
    4. Lumière
    5. Diapason
    6. Chorale download free mp3
    7. Illumination
    8. Le Chant des Énergies
    9. Vision
    10. Vie download free mp3
    11. Naître
    12. Les Saisons
    13. Nuances download free mp3

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    • Nuances

      “Alain, your music is relaxing, it is refreshing; it replenishes me like a drink from a water source before climbing a mountain.”
      Solange guillemette

    • Nuances

      “All that I feel is Love and always love... ”
      Line Laflamme