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  • New World - Healing Music

    Genre: Instrumental music with electronic textures.

    Artists: Allaire / Lemay

    Length: 50 minutes

    Catalogue#: QMP1442

  • Earth's Body

    The earth is one large body whose organs reflect the consciousness which surrounds it.

    This body mass should ideally be healthy but man has poisoned it right to its very core.

    Reacting to this state of shock, the earth's nervous system disrupts the entire body in which it resides.

    The same human consciousness that has poisoned our planet has the power, however, to reverse the destruction and return it to its natural state of beauty and equilibrium.

  • More Information

    People often complain "my legs are heavy... my nerves are shot..." New World calms and tunes the nervous system, while relieving nervous fatigue.

    This music is ideal for the active person who seeks relaxation while working, or even driving.

    New World can support your yoga sessions, walks, massages, your creative work, etc.


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  • The laws of the Earth's Core

    The laws of the Earth's Core created the earth, its elements and all matter which supports life.

    These laws allow the planet to rotate at such speed and such distance from the sun, to oversee all which grows and is formed.

    Each planet has its own evolutionary plan* and its inhabitants are connected

  • to it through the human brain.

    The feet, which act as subterranean antennas, draw energy from the ground which goes directly to the brain.

    For this reason, each man's conscience can either positively or negatively influence the elements which make up our planet.

    Man is thus responsible for his own personal behavior,

  • not only in his actions, but in his thoughts and consistency of his thoughts.

    The Earth's original plan is nourished by a yellow magnetic energy which we call 'Directive Energy.'

    It is to this source energy we must align ourselves.

    Through it, the other eleven interact, each in its own element.

    * A plan is the mandate or purpose of animate and inanimate matter.

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  • Summary

    New World is excellent music for grounding, getting back in touch with the Earth, overcoming fatigue and increasing vitality.

    Its effects are felt in the solar plexus, legs and back.

  • Track List

    1. Thoughts download free mp3
    2. Enthusiasm
    3. Magnetism
    4. Methodology
    5. Vitality
    6. Manifestation download free mp3
    7. Choice
    8. Realization
    9. Renewal
    10. Healing
    11. Beauty download free mp3
    12. Balance

  • Testimonials


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    • New World

      “I do not know what your secret is, but it works! I can feel the energies; my body speaks to me, thank you!”
      Linda Paul

    • New World

      “Your music is like an oasis where all is beautiful, calm and without a worry, plenty of beautiful colors, a place where people are happy and confident.”
      Marie-Claude Pothier