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  • Healing Energy 2 - Healing Music

    Genre: Electronic and instrumental textures inducing a fast relaxation state.

    Artists: Allaire / Lemay

    Length: 72 minutes

    Catalogue#: QMP9906CD

  • 12 musical variations

    The 12 musical variations correspond to 12 Cosmic Energy currents.

    Today, people are placing more importance on nutrition and physical exercise, though all too often, they forget that their bodies are also fed by subtle currents of Cosmic energy.

    It is necessary to learn how to harmonize with these currents.

    Such an integration of energies stimulates vital energy flow, balances the nervous system and contributes to the harmonious development of the body.

  • More Information

    Inside the CD cover is included a complete chart explaining the 12 energies with their qualities, point of entry, the fundamental principle they represent and the corresponding nurrished organ.

    For example, when listening to track 3, you can focus on your communication, intuition and spirituality.

    Visualize that blue energy enters into your brain and nurrishes your heart. You can also repeat “I am forgiving”.


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  • Healing Energy 1 and 2: How to Proceed while listening

    First of all, allowing a state of relaxation is essential.

    A balanced central

  • nervous system can more easily resonate and harmonize with energy currents.

    As you are listening to the music, try to mentally visualize the energy

  • coming within you. This energy will provide a sense of well-being.

    The 12 musical variations of "Healing Energy"...


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  • Summary

    Healing Energy is music composed for self-healing, visualization, and deep relaxation.

    Ideal for stress relief, insomnia or any energy deficiency.

    This soft and peaceful music gently eases the listener into a state of relaxation and inner harmony.

  • Track List

    1. Vital Energy
    2. Creative Energy
    3. Spiritual Energy download free mp3
    4. Constructive
    5. Balancing Energy
    6. Harmonizing Energy
    7. Health-giving Energy
    8. Dynamic Energy download free mp3
    9. Youthful Energy
    10. Relaxation Energy
    11. Healing Energy download free mp3
    12. Regenerating Energy

  • Testimonials


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    • Healing Energy

      “This music let’s me regain confidence in order to attain my goals.”
      Normand Marquis

    • Healing Energy

      “When I listen to Healing Energy, a great calm comes over me. It’s as if I am floating in another world, full of colors and wonders.”
      Julie Coté

    • Healing Energy

      “The energy I feel is almost palpable, particularly at the end of my relaxation.”
      Nathalie Morgan