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  • Dimension 6 - Healing Music

    Genre: instrumental music with an exaltant and meditative ambience.

    Artists: Allaire / Lemay

    Length: 65 minutes

    Catalogue#: DIM20022

  • Dimension 6


    Within each living cell
    The sound of joy does dwell
    Within each timeless pulse
    A carefree mind exalts
    All in me is song
    A heartbeat from beyond
    All in me is Love
    Pure freedom from above


    Poem by Micheline Allaire

    English adaptation by Bradfield


  • More Information

    For complete therapy: relax; the right palm on the solar plexus and open the left hand, ready to receive.

    While concentrating on a chosen element (e.g. the skin) , allow the energy of the music to carry life into yourself.


    *This exercise does not replace your usual medical treatment.



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  • Summary

    Dimension 6 was written based on the knowledge derived from by Adéla T.Sergerie Vibracos Elements chart.

    The music helps channeling corrective and tissue regenerating energy vibrations.

  • Track List

    1. Dimension 1 (the skin ) download free mp3
    2. Dimension 2 (the intestine)
    3. Dimension 3 (the pancreas )
    4. Dimension 4 (body hair)
    5. Dimension 5 (the spleen)
    6. Dimension 6 (the voice) download free mp3

  • Testimonials


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    • Dimension 6

      “The body is awake, but relaxed as it is in harmony from within.”
      Nancy Green

    • Dimension 6

      “It’s as if the body returned to a perfect dimension where it feels better than anywhere else.”
      Sophie Chartrand