Custom music compilations for fundraising and marketing campaigns

Quantic Music is now offering a new way to widen your fundraising product offering.

We create personalized compilations with your branding, exclusively designed and produced for fundraising suppliers or independent campaign managers. By relating donation to well-being, you will reach your audiences a profound level.

3 easy steps
1 - Choose or create your own theme: Nature (birds, water, forest...), activity (yoga, reiki, massage, meditation...), atmosphere (sacred, zen, space...), etc.
3 - Send us your branding requirements.
4 - We create your product!

Why choose Quantic Music for your fundraising catalogue or campaign?

  • Low costs, high profit

    moreHigh profit margin.
    With a cost per item of $2.50, based on a retail price of $10.00. Please contact us for discount details for larger orders (5000 or more).

    moreSmall item, easy to stock, easy to carry.

    moreDoes not deteriorate.

    moreNo minimum, no risk.
    Jusr return unsold product in its original good condition.

  • Targeted product, fast delivery

    moreCustom product, branding and packaging, designed for your audiences.

    As-is products are also available for fundraising.

    moreFast production. Free shipping with rapid delivery (USA and Canada).

    Allow 10 days for repeat orders.

  • Buyers get a lot for their contribution

    moreQuality: All products are manufactured using the highest production standards, using the glass mastered process for the finest sound quality.

    moreQuantity: Over 60 minutes for each title.

    moreThe CDs feature original recordings that are made in Canada.


  • moreOur Relaxation 1 and 2 compilations as part of soap catalogue for a complete relaxation theme.

    moreCustom product for SPA magazine subscription campaign:

    spa promotion
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